“Another Day in Paradise” was written and almost completely recorded by Phil Collins. He wrote the song after encountering a woman and her children outside the recording studio and reflecting on his reaction to her. Phil Collins himself said that the exchange mostly just made him uncomfortable: “I felt awkward. I didn’t ignore her, but at the same time, I didn’t stop and give her some money.” Since then “Another Day in Paradise” has been a vessel to raise global awareness about homelessness.  

The Phil Collins Experience is proud to carry on the torch in every city on our tours.  In each city we select a homeless program to feature, letting concert goers know about the program and how they can help through volunteering, donations and more.  Please join us on this mission!

Click on the logos below to find out more about the charities featured in our upcoming shows.

Kansas City, MO December 1st, 2023
Community Linc - Kansas City, MO April 21, 2023

Past charities we have helped.

Anna's House- Bel Air, MD January 25, 2023
Between Friends Outreach - Doylestown, Pa January 26, 2023
Cumberland Family Shelter - Vineland, NJ January 27, 2023
The Union Mission Ministries - Norfolk, VA January 28, 2023

We are committed to bringing support and awareness to homeless charities in every city we visit on tour. We are grateful to Moon Tees for joining us on this mission.